Data Centre

Vectec® is an Australian Hybrid-IT and Cyber Security solutions provider helping its clients build resilient infrastructure platforms for applications and data, either on-premise, in the cloud, or across both.

Infrastructure Excellence.


We are infrastructure experts. The Vectec technical team comprises the country’s most trusted infrastructure architects and engineers. Our team has helped enterprises & people across Australia architect, design and implement platforms that run their critical workloads.


If you don’t want to manage your own data centres, but you need to keep your data sovereign, cant afford latency, or don’t want to migrate to hyperscalers, we can design bespoke infrastructure solutions that can be consumed as-a-service.


Whether you’re storing blocks, files or objects on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud. We’ll work with you to understand what you’re storing, how much you’re storing, where you’re storing it, how you want to access it, how you want to manage it and how you want to protect it, then nail the design.

  • Block, file or object.
  • 1tb or 100pb
  • Flash, spinning disk or tape.
  • All on-premise, all in-cloud or Hybrid

We love solving complex data storage challenges.

Enterprise Compute

Whether it’s virtual or physical environments, blades, Rack-mountable, High-performance computing, data centre or edge computing, our senior solutions team are here to help.

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