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CommTel Network Solutions is a leading provider of advanced solutions for mission and business critical networks.

One of the five large power companies in the UK engaged CommTel to update and deliver a refreshed operational network monitoring solution.

The Challenge

“This organisation, as with all utilities had strict requirements of uptime, power and security. The requirement for a new platform was driven through a specific need for greater reporting” said Paul Mascitti, General Manager.

For the utility company, SLA uptime was imperative, and the existing technology environment had ageing, deprecated software and infrastructure which was no longer patchable.

The challenge was to modernize and increase the capability of the management platform, providing greater visibility and reporting, to meet compliance and security standards while maintaining a robust and reliable operating environment. Vectec was engaged to scope, design, and deliver the new technology platform to support CommTel’s solution.

The Process.

For phase 1, an as-is modernised replacement of the technology platform was chosen. HPE’s SimpliVity HCI platform was chosen for this implementation due to its dense yet highly
resilient and scalable capabilities. The project was scoped and designed in Australia and delivered to a global location using Vectec global delivery services.

The Successful Solution.

The success and confidence in the solution for phase 1 led to the engagement of CommTel and Vectec for phase 2. This phase aims to deliver full geo diversity of the refreshed solution, providing a more secure, resilient technology platform.


With the implementation of the new operational network monitoring solution, the utility company is now able to act strategically with more intent and information moving forward.

The new solution provides greater visibility and reporting, meets compliance and security standards, and increases the capability of the management platform. Additionally, the new
platform is more resilient and scalable, ensuring greater uptime.

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