Network Infrastructure

Vectec® is an Australian Hybrid-IT and Cyber Security solutions provider helping its clients build resilient infrastructure platforms for applications and data, either on-premise, in the cloud, or across both.

Network Expertise.


Want SD-WAN? Have SD-WAN and not happy with it? We’ve got the expertise and the technologies to fix, design, and implement the right SD-WAN for you.

Wireless Networking

Wireless can be complex, but that’s not an excuse for poor performance. Whether in an office, campus, manufacturing facility, or at the edge, we know how to make your wireless network sing.

Software Defined & Network Automation

Managing a high rate of change or giving other business units the ability to modify the network can be daunting but we know how to do it simply and safely to save you time.

Access Control

Role or device based, employee or customer, head office or remote, we know how to do access control correctly for your business.


We design and implement all aspects of datacentre networking ensuring that all applications and data are securely and efficiently connected.


Temperature, humidity, access and safety are just a few of the extra considerations needed when designing industrial network solutions. Our purposely designed industrial network solutions ensure uptime, security and safety.

Network as a Service

Want the enterprise network of your dreams but don’t want to manage it? We have a range of options to structure the finance and operations to suit.


The ease of cloud adoption and scale eventually leads to a fragmented network that is a nightmare to operate and secure. Let us work with you to optimise your AWS network architecture and connectivity.

Case Studies.


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