Cyber Security

Vectec® is an Australian Hybrid-IT and Cyber Security solutions provider helping its clients build resilient infrastructure platforms for applications and data, either on-premise, in the cloud, or across both.

Cyber Security

Data Protection

With all the options today, Data Protection should be easy. Whether you’re on-premise, cloud or hybrid and protecting terabytes or petabytes, we know how to protect your data assets.


If you don’t already have a SASE solution, you need to ask yourself ‘why not?’. SASE and ZTNA ensures that your staff are always connected and your data protected. We can design and implement the right SASE solution for you.

OT Security

Security of OT environments can no longer be overlooked, especially if you’re running critical infrastructure. We have a turn-key solution to ensure you have visibility, detection & response for OT cyber threats.

Security as a Service

Need detection and response capabilities 24/7 but can’t get approval to hire all the people, or just don’t want to? We have a range of options to ensure you’re protected 24×7.


Security assurance can be many things. We focus on penetration testing, architecture and design reviews, strategies and education to give you the assurance you need that you’re doing the right things

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