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The Vectec Family.

Technology never stands still. So we don’t either.

We’re not interested in rolling out the same catch-all solutions from the same big-name vendors, time after time. If they’re the perfect match, sure, but if there’s a better, smarter, more cost-effective option for your business – one that suits you down to the ground – that’s the one we’ll run with, every day of the week. We’re in the industry simply because technology is awesome, it never sleeps and there’s always something new to learn.

We started Vectec for the same reasons. And also because everywhere we looked, we saw customers being constantly frustrated and hobbled by red tape, inefficiencies and complex processes. We wanted to bring fresh startup thinking to the industry. To create an IT company that doesn’t operate like a big, boring, ass-covering corporation, but instead rewards pushing boundaries, exploring new technologies and having fun while doing it.

Today, we may no longer be the new kids on the block, but none of those motivations have changed . Our love of tech, and the urge to drive change and foster innovation are still the very reasons we come into work each day.

Our team

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  • Jack McEvoy


  • Craig Taylor


  • Dominic Calandra


  • Michael Murphy


  • Sara Zanin

    Finance & Operations Manager

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