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Vectec x NetApp: Elevating Cloud Solutions Through a Dynamic Partnership

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Harness Spot by NetApp’s capabilities to streamline your cloud operations. This will allow you to focus more on achieving your business goals with enhanced efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness throughout your cloud journey.

Vectec is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge technological solutions that propel our clients toward their business goals. As a pivotal ally of NetApp, we are relentless in our pursuit of uncovering innovative methods to harness cloud technology’s potential in fostering operational efficiency, agility, and business growth for our customers.

Through our partnership with Spot by NetApp, we empower clients to fine-tune their cloud expenditure, realising up to a 90% cost reduction. Additionally, this fosters enhancements in performance and scalability.

Spot by NetApp is instrumental in helping our clients achieve a harmonious balance in cloud spending, all while extracting maximum value from their cloud infrastructure.

Ensure availability & performance.

To prevent service interruptions, use a strategic mix of spot, reserved, and on-demand instances.
This approach ensures both availability and reliability. Leveraging advanced machine learning and analytics, Spot ensures seamless performance and availability across various cloud computing resources by predicting and automatically replacing instances before disruptions occur.

Continuously optimise cloud resources.

Resources required by workloads are allocated precisely at the time they are needed, eliminating the practice of overprovisioning and minimising resource wastage. Spot’s innovative technology evaluates and forecasts the needs for resources, optimising your infrastructure’s scalability in the most effective manner possible.

Reduce cloud infrastructure costs.

Discover methods to save up to 90% without altering or redesigning your existing applications. Spot delivers insights, guidance, and automated solutions throughout your cloud environments to help you comprehend and minimise your cloud expenses.

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