Technology is just a tool. We'll actually look after you.

Technology’s only half the battle. In some cases less. What you really need is an outcome. You want to do more with less, without the burden of constantly up-skilling or employing full-time staff.

And for that, you need service, not just a box-drop. You need someone who’ll come in, discuss what’s happening in your business, find out what improvements you’re aiming for, provide expert, unbiased advice, conceive and design a solution that will do the trick, and integrate that solution.

That someone's us!
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Infrastructure design & build

You want to consolidate your infrastructure, but you still want performance and simplicity. We get it. That’s why we take an application-down approach to the design of your underlying infrastructure.
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You want to keep the bad guys out, but you don’t know how. We’ll skip the scare tactics, help you understand where you’re vulnerable and then close those gaps.
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Storage migration & implementation

Store & access more data, faster. If you’re finding your old storage infrastructure isn’t up to scratch, we’ll design a custom new one, using the latest flash technologies.
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Microsoft Office 365 & Azure

Microsoft cloud technologies are great, but they’re not easy to set up. We can get you up and running, no matter where your stuff’s currently hosted or what versions you’re running.
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Data security & availability

Ensuring your data is secure, available and easy to manage is a tricky proposition. When you do it yourself, you always end up with just two out of three. We’ll give you all three.
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Data center

It takes a lot of time and expertise to make a data centre setup work properly. Especially if it’s out in the sticks or overseas, where you don’t have staff. We can take care of it all for you, with auditing, monitoring, and rack and stack solutions that will minimise business disruption.
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